Imaginext for Kids

I love the power Rangers. I’ve been a fan since I was a kid. Back then, we didn’t need toys for toddlers because we all just played with the same action figures. But, there are some pretty neat Power Rangers toys now. Imaginext are some really nice ones. They make the Rangers a little friendlier for younger crowds.

While a lot of kids want to play with the same toys as older kids, some prefer to have something special just for them. That’s where Imaginext comes in. It’s really the same kind of stuff, but more the “Fisher Price” version. So, they look a little cuter and not so scary like some of the more realistic looking action figures from the new movie. Here’s a cool video of Elephant Zords.

They have Megazord and all the regular Rangers like Red, Blue, Yellow, etc. I hope they come out with green. As you saw in my last post, green is my favorite. Long live Tommy.

The new movie is coming out soon and I’m really excited to see it. I think that once the movie comes out that Power Ranger willl be all the rage again. I’m looking forward to it. Then I can wear all my Power Rangers gear and say that I was into it before it was cool. Can’t wait.

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Ranger – What Your Favorite Says About You

This is the new site for the Rangers fan club. We are the most adamant Power Rangers fans ever and we’re here to share all the stuff we like about our rangers. What does your favorite ranger say about you?

If you are partial to the Green Ranger, then you are likely a bit of a rebel. Tommy, the Green (and later White) Ranger started out as the bad boy, interestingly enough. He was kind of a rogue and gave the rest of the Power Rangers a hard time. He fought many battles against them, but in the end he turned good and later went on to become the most powerful ranger of all, the White Ranger.

If your favorite is the Blue Ranger, then you’re likely used to playing second fiddle. The Blue Ranger rarely sees the spotlight, but is an important and integral part of the ranger team. If the ranger were a musical group, he’d play bass. Essential, but not glamorous. The Red Ranger is the lead guitarist and the Green/White Ranger is the lead singer.

I’ll add more for the other rangers soon.

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